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Hello and welcome to my website.

I write about all sorts of things from aliens to grannies and there are more titles on the way.

If you're aged six or over you should find something here for you.

As well as books to buy there are lots of freebies too. I hope you find something you like!

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Free Children's Books

If you'd like to try before you buy, please download a free book. If you like it, you'll find plenty of titles for sale on the home page with more on the way.

Attack of the Animated AliensAttack of the Animated Aliens
James is just an ordinary boy but when he discovers that one of his teachers has been turned to stone, he realises something extraordinary is going on. He is going to have to do something and fast. Then James's little sister Molly tells them about Galton, a little green man lost somewhere in the school. When they hear about his powers, James and Mikey start to panic. Will they be able to stop the aliens before they escape and take over the world?
93 pages. Ages 7 and up.
Ebook: $Free
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