About Lucy Stubbs

I was born in 1971 in Oxford, England and said my first word at nine months. My granny used to say I'd been vaccinated with a gramophone needle and I was often in trouble for talking in class! I was a bookworm too, spending hours in libraries or browsing in bookshops. But most of all, I loved making up stories of my own. If I started writing a story at school, I'd bring it home and stay up late, curled up on my bed with a torch, to finish it. I made up stories for my little brother as well. My bedroom was always messy (despite Mum trying to get me to keep it tidy) and I could usually be found either lying on my bed reading or at my desk writing furiously, surrounded by a mass of pens and paper.

I moved around a lot. I lived in England, France and the U.S.A. I went to ten schools and lived in so many houses I've lost count of them all! I had to to keep making new friends which wasn't easy, especially when I moved to Paris and couldn't speak any French! Maybe that's one reason why I liked making up stories - characters you've invented can travel with you when your real friends can't!

When I grew up, I studied English at university. The more I read other people's books, the more I wanted to write my own. Trouble was, I needed to earn a living and that meant getting a job! I'd always loved looking after kids so I became a teacher. My first job was in a Nursery in Oxford. I thought I'd stay there forever - after moving around so much as a kid, I thought I wanted to stay in one place. Then, after a couple of years, I got itchy feet and moved to Machynlleth in mid Wales. When I told my class that I was going to live in Wales, some of them were really worried - they thought I meant 'whales' and that they wouldn't let me out again!

Wales is a beautiful country full of mountains and hills, it's also quite rainy! I ran a Nursery in Machynlleth for several years and met my husband Richard. Again, we thought we'd stay there forever but those feet started itching again and we moved to France.

We moved to the Dordogne which is a very pretty part of France full of trees, lakes, fields and castles. We live in a tiny hamlet of about eight houses. It's ever so quiet. There are no shops and things close by to distract me so I get plenty of time to write. When I'm not writing stories, I write articles for newspapers and magazines. When we can, we go away in our camper van. We love traveling and living in our camper is great fun too! I get some of my best ideas whilst staying in it so I always take my notebook with me so I can write them down.

Well, that's me. I really hope you enjoy my books and do pop back again soon - there are plenty more books on the way..................

Happy Reading!